Purpose For Action is a diagramming tool for describing the actions taken on any project, in an argument, or for accurately reporting an event to authorities. Purpose For Action clarifies the purpose for any action previously taken that may be confusing to individuals involved in an incident. Pre diagramming and live diagramming promotes productive outcomes with less chance that an action will result in negative altercations. In cases of illegalities or the perception of wrong doing, Purpose For Action protects the user against slander. In cases of wrong doing by the user, diagramming provides the ability to understand events and an opportunity to design an alternative action for handling future situations after mistakes are admitted by the user. Diagramming wrong doing helps an individual adapt to chaotic environments where information often becomes misinterpreted. Admitting mistakes early on in any important project can save time and money while showing the user takes responsibility for action. In court trials where wrong doing is proven, writing out wrong doing with explanation for future alternative actions in similar circumstances helps the defendant lessen punishment.

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