Correcting Timeline is an interactive charting system designed to properly document the correct order of incident reports, events, and healthcare visits. The time line system clarifies the ordering of information to better understand multiple incidences with cause and effect relationships. Law Enforcement, social services, mental health industry, and the judicial system often wrongfully arrange reports and events accidentally or purposefully for reasons of convenience and financial interests. Correcting Timeline provides an easy to understand design to calm the user and provide the most efficient methods to ordering information. This processing tool helps the user take vast amounts of disordered information into proper order with a timely and accurate approach. The calendar and time line tools contain all of Memory Programs diagramming products to forensically analyze all incidences in proper sequence which has the ability to link multiple events at different times and periods together. Correcting Timeline keeps the user calm, on task, and meeting deadlines while preventing unwanted stress caused by disorganization.