Interactive Medical Miranda Rights include an explainable check list of legal rights provided under the United States Constitution that are adaptable to the medical industry and civil commitment courts. The interactive rights system prevents perjury by doctors in court rooms which often result in false diagnosis and induction of Iatrogenic mental health diseases. The rights help civilians prove their strengths and independent abilities in court against civil commitment false claims of grave disability, threat to self, and threat to others.


An Advanced Mental Health Medical Directive is the only legal tool an American citizen can use to protect their civil liberties against wrongful state ordered mental health detainment, medical brutality, and medical malpractice resulting in high medical costs that may result in bankruptcy. The directive process provides legal instructions to the medical field on treatment before an event occurs. This legal tool can include the choice of using a non biased mental exam proving independence and stability.


A Mental Health Directive can also provide rehabilitative tools to bring an individual out of cognitive illness due to illegal drug use, medication mismanagement, malpractice, environmental conditions, illegal slander, medical misinterpretation, lack of physical exertion, and nutritional deficiencies. Preventative tools can provide documentation inside the directive to prevent detainment based on slander and misinterpretation.


The Law Enforcement Directive product provides a set of instructions to law enforcement on engagement with any civilian. The instructions to law enforcement on questioning protects the civilian from wrongful mental health detainments that may lead to high medical costs and malpractice. The product keeps the civilian calm in stressful environments with officers suffering from mental health conditions whom are prone to escalation during interaction. The Law Enforcement Directive can also provide protections against misinterpretation, slander, and bias's made by any officer. A Law Enforcement Directive can also protect innocent civilians against unlawful detainment and jail time.

Factoring out provides an accurate assessment of an individual's living conditions including nutrition and abilities. The interactive forms provide feedback to the user. The user has the ability to evaluate, correct, and develop skills to improve their life and health. Data can quickly provide results to medical agencies and Law Enforcement to provide the most accurate information. The information provided assists  providers and Law Enforcement agencies  to make informed decisions that protect the user's civil liberties and personal health in the future. While under medical hold, the product assists with full recovery.

Track Past is a charting system to accurately account for accomplishments and protect life's work. The record keeping guidelines and diagrams provide clear steps to authenticate documents. The program also provides a procedure for storage and paging records to necessary businesses, medical agencies, and government institutions. Authentication of life accomplishments can be added to an Advanced Mental Health Directive to prevent malpractice by doctors whom refuse to authenticate credentials and wrongfully diagnose clientele as mentally ill and delusional for personal profits. Authenticating and transferring information to psychiatrists after turmoil that led to detainment can save the client from being wrongfully chemically induced with an Iatrogenic mental disease. Quick transfers of information to medical agencies and civil commitment courts can save tens of thousands in the short term from wrongful detainments that are harmful to an individual's mental health. Protection of an individual from dangerous iatrogenic injections can save as much as half a million dollars or more over five years span, severe brain damage, and lost civil liberties causing an extremely poor quality of life.

The Dialectical Receipt Filer is an interactive tool to increase focus, comprehension, and efficiency in meetings. The diagramming program keeps the user on an order of operations to answer questions and accomplish goals in any interaction so the user doesn't get off track. The Dialectical Receipt Filer can keep tensions calm in hostile environments where two individuals are working with opposing view points and have differing motivations. Recording with the diagram provides a live record with logical explanations to complicated operations. The diagram can be used as a tool for office work, activities, projects, traumatic experiences, and court trials. The receipt can easily provide detailed documentation to family members, office workers, management, law enforcement agencies, courts, and government officials against slander and unwanted accusations.

The Dialect Checker is an interactive form that provides clarification to misunderstandings of conversations written or verbal. This form is a powerful tool protecting citizens first amendment rights in business disputes, mental health evaluations, social services situations, communications with law enforcement agencies, and courts. The Dialect Checker breaks down the dialect and meaning of communications through the most efficient and detailed process to clarify miscommunication of previous conversations. The participant experiences a higher level of focus during intense situations to prevent written or verbal mistakes causing misinterpretation that could wrongfully convict, misdiagnose, or hurt the user. This tool can be used to resolve miscommunication between individuals of different educational backgrounds, careers, generations, sexes, political beliefs, personal interests, and social groups.

Purpose For Action is a diagramming tool for describing the actions taken on any project, in an argument, or for accurately reporting an event to authorities. Purpose For Action clarifies the purpose for any action previously taken that may be confusing to individuals involved in an incident. Pre diagramming and live diagramming promotes productive outcomes with less chance that an action will result in negative altercations. In cases of illegalities or the perception of wrong doing, Purpose For Action protects the user against slander. In cases of wrong doing by the user, diagramming provides the ability to understand events and an opportunity to design an alternative action for handling future situations after mistakes are admitted by the user. Diagramming wrong doing helps an individual adapt to chaotic environments where information often becomes misinterpreted. Admitting mistakes early on in any important project can save time and money while showing the user takes responsibility for action. In court trials where wrong doing is proven, writing out wrong doing with explanation for future alternative actions in similar circumstances helps the defendant lessen punishment and prevent future illegal behaviors.

Biased Interest is a diagramming tool to explain conflicts of interest in business and finance. The diagram helps the user expose dishonesty along with unethical and illegal self-interest. When used as a client of the medical industry, the diagram can prevent malpractice by doctors wrongfully diagnosing to commit insurance fraud. Biased Interest can also be used in civil courts to protect financial interests and expose wrongdoing along with showing patterns of abuse. Addressing and reporting conflicts of interest early at the point of diagnoses can potentially save the client's life. After malpractice has been determined and an Iatrogenic disease has been officially diagnosed, Biased Interest diagram can be used in court or with oversight agencies to protect future clients from wrongdoing.

Pressured Response is a tool to recognize unwanted pressure, adapt to circumstances present, and to prevent negative outcomes. Pressure can lead an individual to hysteria, hostility, and mental health conditions. Pressured Response Diagram lessens the stress involved in any event and protects the victim of pressure from escalating to mental health behaviors. Pressured Response also prevents decisions that may lead an individual to making bad financial deals, providing labor or time to unwanted projects for people, and giving into unwanted sexual advances. The documentation procedure can also de escalate the user after an event in order to communicate with the individual pressuring, incident report a crime, or map out an action plan for better outcomes in the future. The procedure can provide assertiveness to the user when pressure is present and make the user more successful.  

The Augment Filer is a report correcting procedure. The procedural process helps the user identify misinterpretation, mis-perception, and deliberate slander on all reports. Reports may include police reports, medical reports, and business reports. The simple procedure provides instructions to participants for identifying and classifying information through a simple highlighting process. The process of highlighting calms the user down in hostile environments while reading unfavorable reports and promotes a higher level of focus to accurately report factual events that took place.

Discovery Agreement Product is an interactive mediation system that brings two individuals in conflict to an agreement. The main function of the product is built to prevent domestic violence. The product helps prevent hostile and volatile disputes that could escalate to illegal activities and violence between multiple parties. Discovery Agreement can also be used when the law is broken for legal incident reporting, or the point of conflict must be resolved in court through lawyers. This resolution program can calm individuals in many areas of conflict.

Correcting Timeline is an interactive charting system designed to properly document the correct order of incident reports, events, and healthcare visits. The time line system clarifies the ordering of information to better understand multiple incidences with cause and effect relationships. Law Enforcement, social services, mental health industry, and the judicial system often wrongfully arrange reports and events accidentally or purposefully for reasons of convenience and financial interests. Correcting Timeline provides an easy to understand design to calm the user and provide the most efficient methods to ordering information. This processing tool helps the user take vast amounts of disordered information into proper order with a timely and accurate approach. The calendar and time line tools contain all of Memory Programs diagramming products to forensically analyze all incidences in proper sequence which has the ability to link multiple events at different times and periods together. Correcting Timeline keeps the user calm, on task, and meeting deadlines while preventing unwanted stress caused by disorganization.

Electric Consent diagram is a sexual assault prevention and reporting tool for all men and women. The diagram clearly identifies key indicators of a sexual assault that can be easily defined in legal terminology. The diagramming process draws fine lines to describe legal and illegal behaviors. Victims and witnesses are afraid to come forward under normal circumstances involved in reporting a sexual assault because many victims have vague understandings of the law, mental health conditions caused by questioning, retaliation, and embarrassment for making statements. Electric Consent builds an accurate depiction of an incident from the victim’s viewpoint. The diagramming tool builds a strong foundation for victims to come forward, accurately report, and persevere against obstacles that break the victim and cause mental health conditions. The diagram can also be used as a preventative tool for better communications between partners and explanation of consequences for violating the law and trust of the partner.

Biased Projection is a diagram used to properly report when an individual uses projection bias to cause mental harm and stress to another individual. When an accuser blames another individual for something the accuser has done wrong, the person blamed sometimes goes into shock and memory loss caused by stress making it nearly impossible to accurately report an incident or build a defense. Law Enforcement agencies tend to anchor a cognitive bias that identifies accusers as always right in most all incidences. The diagram provides an outlet to the accused individual to build a more balanced explanation to an event. Biased Projection can be used with law enforcement agencies and organizations to easily report situations that are very complex and stressful to explain under normal circumstances. The diagram brings awareness to the accuser's history, deceptive technique, and possible motive. The diagram calms the accused down and prevents mental health conditions that may stop the accused from ever defending themselves. The result is equal representation under the law to prevent the innocent from wrongful medical detainment or jail time.

Remote Focus is an interactive remote control program to engage and calm individuals whom are suffering from cognitive impairments, memory loss, and mental health conditions that cause hyperactivity and escalation raising the potential for violent activities. The program provides users the highest amount of control over a room at the click of a button. Remote Focus can be used with a therapeutic specialist or caregiver to time proper display of calming graphics and information to the participant's mental and emotional state at the time. The product was designed to assist the programmer's ability to supervise a chaotic and dangerous room while freeing mobility to promote safety. Using a small remote control lessons restrictions to dexterity required to grasp and maneuver wheel chairs and obstacles that may cause dangerous hazards. This product implements a targeted focus on engaging participants to create peaceful outcomes.

Flash To Focus is a multi-dimensional graphical format to engage and calm the user. The graphic design format was built to engage individuals suffering from mental health conditions that interfere with focus and become easily distracted. Flash To Focus design can be used in memory care units during volatile times to lesson stress, increase constructional thought processes, promote memory function, decrease potentially dangerous and violent activities that divert workers from accomplishing tasks. Flash To Focus can also be used by drug and rehab facilities for rehabilitating individuals off drugs while lessoning the severity of cognitive impairments and mental health conditions during chemical withdrawal.

Stop Checker diagram is built to identify false, misleading, and incorrect information. The diagram identifies problematic situations that could take an individual off track. When a person is misled with misinformation, they have the ability through the diagram to check the error, make a correction, and move in the direction of a better outcome before wrong doing, illegal activities, or financial loss occurs. Sometimes individuals are pressured to make illogical decisions for others gain. Stop Checker helps the user stop the direction they are going. The diagram builds a foundation that promotes assertiveness to say no and contemporary evidence to justify the decision made. The diagram can also help the user forensically analyze and report peer pressures that led the user to make a mistaken statement or action and report the information to management in business or individuals involved in the user's personal life.

Communication Trapped is a diagramming tool to record and assess the direction of information spread with individuals in business and relationships. The idiom term communication trap means that one party is using information provided in a threatening and exposing way against another party. Information provided to law enforcement and the mental health industry can often be misinterpreted without authentication procedures which often results in wrongful detainments, high medical costs, and the potential for forced or coerced chemical induction of an iatrogenic mental health disease. Steps provided in Communication Trapped diagram include check points to review that information is being placed in authorized hands and not being transferred to the wrong party, which may violate business terms of agreement, laws, rules, and regulations. Another important point in the diagram is classifying how information is interpreted by receiving parties. Vital business and proprietary information provided under non-disclosure rules to opposing parties often destroys relationships, business, and profits. Communication Trapped diagram helps businesses and people lock down private data and review an individual's character and readiness to hold information private. If information has been spread, communication trapped diagram becomes an easy to use documentation tool to forensically analyze what went wrong. After assessment, the user can more easily implement the necessary controls to achieve a more favorable outcome to any situation or problem.

Safe Checker is a safety diagram system to assess readiness and competency to hold and use firearms. The diagram is easy to use for all ages. Safe Checker measures potential dangers based on the user's mental state, competency, and self-awareness. The diagram also records environment and the user's ability to review hostile environments. Environmental reviews include media, family relationships, friendships, associations, and culture in geographic locations. Users are provided obstacles involving provocation to test mental perseverance against potential psychological threats that may result in violent retaliatory outcomes. Safe Checker is also a training system to develop preventative skills for reducing violent mental health conditions.

Witness Reporter Diagram is a quick and easy to use tool for reporting incidents. The diagram simplifies the break down of any incident for all educational levels. The diagram process promotes accuracy in reports by sequencing parts of any event in chronological order. Witness Reporter lessons the stress and confusion of reporting in hostile environments under a high amount of pressure and violence. The diagram procedure can be used live while an incident is in progress or after an event has occurred. The diagram makes information easily transferable and understandable to any organization reading the document for quick translation of complex incidents. After completion of any report, the writer has built an accurate representation of an event building a foundation for any future testimony.

Gaslight Stopper is a diagramming tool built to stop individuals, doctors, and law enforcement from mental health labeling by use of derogatory terminology that drives people into suppression, submission, depression, and mental health conditions. The product identifies key indicators and language that's suppressing the user from reaching their full potential. Often times, when an individual is gaslighted, the person has trouble with school, organizing thoughts, keeping on task, working a job, and keeping environment clean. The negative labeling administered by the individual using psychological suppression techniques builds a very negative repetitive and continual thought process in their head that subjects the suppressed individual into mental illnesses. Gaslight Stopper helps identify the problem and stops the situation from continual recurrence by breaking down a report that can help the individual disenfranchised communicate with the person using the abusive suppression technique knowingly or unknowingly. Afterwards, the user has the ability to either work on the relationship with the individual causing them problems or leave the relationship for self-worth, self-esteem, and recovery.

Eco Mapster is a tool for evaluating an individual's relationships with others. The diagram helps the user evaluate healthy and non-healthy relationships. After identifying and labeling each type of relationship, the user has the ability to make their own choices which can increase productivity and health in the individual's personal life. Some relationships impact the individual's personal health by influencing them to make bad choices associated with addictions that may include drugs and alcohol. Other relationships can contribute to harmful mental health conditions. Eco Mapster is an assistant to evaluate all aspects of the user's relationships and helps the user bridge solid foundations that promote a healthy life.

ReCleared is a diagram for clearing access to a trespassed property for business and personal uses. The diagram covers slander, libel, malice, misinterpretation, miss-perception after negative interactions have taken place. The diagram maps out admission of wrongdoing or a defense for the innocent in many types of disagreements. Being trespassed from a property can be stressful and harmful to an individual's mental state. ReCleared calms the individual down and guides them through the reporting tool step by step to build a factual representation of the event from the user's perspective. The diagram assures both the user and property management of intent to do business on the property while keeping workers safety a priority.

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