Interactive Medical Miranda Rights is comprehensive resource education, checklist to test a citizen's cognition and survival skills. Survival testing  knowledge of environment to be independent against state orders.


An Advanced Mental Health Medical Directive is the only legal tool an American citizen can use to protect their civil liberties against wrongful state ordered mental health detainment, medical brutality, and medical malpractice resulting in high medical costs that may result in bankruptcy. The directive process provides legal instructions to the medical field on treatment before an event occurs. This legal tool can include the choice of using a non biased mental exam proving independence and stability.


A Mental Health Directive can also provide rehabilitative tools to bring an individual out of cognitive illness due to illegal drug use, medication mismanagement, malpractice, environmental conditions, illegal slander, medical misinterpretation, lack of physical exertion, and nutritional deficiencies. Preventative tools can provide documentation inside the directive to prevent detainment based on slander and misinterpretation.


Law Enforcement Directives protect the civil liberties and lives of civilians during police interactions. The Directive protects civilians against wrongful holds, imprisonment, and assaults. The directive process alerts police officers on the standard procedure requested by the civilian during interaction to protect both civilians and officers for a more positive interaction between both parties. A Law Enforcement Directive also protects the civilian against verbal misinterpretation that could lead to a wrongful medical hold that often results in inaccurate diagnosis. The goal of Advanced Directives is to project a safe and accurate outcome in all police and civilian interactions.

Factoring out provides an accurate assessment of an individual's living conditions including nutrition and abilities. The interactive forms provide feedback to the user. The user has the ability to evaluate, correct, and develop skills to improve their life and health. Data can quickly provide results to medical agencies and Law Enforcement to provide the most accurate information. The information provided assists  providers and Law Enforcement agencies  to make informed decisions that protect the user's civil liberties and personal health in the future. While under medical hold, the product assists with full recovery.

Track Past is a diagramming program design implementing visualization, goal setting, focus, achievement, and authentication. The diagramming system provides accountability by allowing the user to chart steps and mile markers to achieving a goal.  Measures are provided to prevent obstacles that may inhibit an individuals ability to achieve a goal. Track Past provides a portfolio that can be saved in the user's medical directive to discount slander by the social services and mental health industry.

The Dialectical Receipt Filer is a life tool to achieve goals and explain events. This diagramming system provides proven results through an order of operations that summarizes steps to an achievement. The diagram provides a live record providing logical explanation in complicated events, preventing obstacles that cross paths with the user. The Dialectical Receipt Filer can be used as a tool for office work, activities, projects, traumatic experiences, and court trials. This process is adjustable to fit any life experience and complete any task taken while increasing the participant's focus on achievement. Forensic reports are generated to allow all users the option to provide detailed documentation to family members, office workers, management, law enforcement agencies, courts, and government officials against any accusations.

The Dialect Checker is an interactive form that provides clarification to misunderstandings of conversations written or verbal. This form is a powerful tool protecting citizens first amendment rights in business disputes, mental health evaluations, social services situations, communications with law enforcement agencies, and courts. The Dialect Checker breaks down the dialect and meaning of communications through the most efficient and detailed process to clarify miscommunication of previous conversations. The participant experiences a higher level of focus during intense situations to prevent written or verbal mistakes causing misinterpretation that could wrongfully convict, misdiagnose, or hurt the user. This tool can be used to resolve miscommunication between individuals of different educational backgrounds, careers, generations, sexes, political beliefs, personal interests, and social groups.

Purpose For Action is a diagramming tool for describing the actions taken on any project, in an argument, or for accurately reporting an event to authorities. Purpose For Action clarifies the purpose for any action previously taken that may be confusing to individuals involved in an incident. Pre diagramming and live diagramming promotes productive outcomes with less chance that an action will result in negative altercations. In cases of illegalities or the perception of wrong doing, Purpose For Action protects the user against slander. In cases of wrong doing by the user, diagramming provides the ability to understand events and an opportunity to design an alternative action for handling future situations after mistakes are admitted by the user. Diagramming wrong doing helps an individual adapt to chaotic environments where information often becomes misinterpreted. Admitting mistakes early on in any important project can save time and money while showing the user takes responsibility for action. In court trials where wrong doing is proven, writing out wrong doing with explanation for future alternative actions in similar circumstances helps the defendant lessen punishment.

Biased interest is a program exposing any individual, group of individuals, organization, or business that may have a financial interest potentially preventing honest testimony. The program protects from slander and explains possible motives. Biased Interest can also explain previous events that show patterns of wrongdoing by those making accusations.

Pressured Response is a product to protect a client, medical patient, or customer from being pressured into contracts, liabilities, sales, and diagnosis that aren't beneficial or healthy. The interactive diagram provides the user needed confidence to forensically analyze situations and say no in difficult situations. Often, individuals pressure by intentionally causing others stress and forcing mental blanks related to short term memory problems. The high level of stressful pressuring causes memory lapse. The program provides a procedural defense against interactions that are pressuring unwanted responses related to fear and confusion.

Augment Filerâ„¢ is a highlighting technique and classification system for correcting or augmenting files. Through mis perception, misinterpretation, or deliberate slander for power positioning or financial profit creates inaccurate reports. The Augment Filerâ„¢ correction and classification technique calms the individual reported in the document to a state of mind to accurately break down the misleading and false information written in a report so the defendant can support themselves and protect their civil liberties.

Correcting Timeline is a program for preventing wrongful statements related to dates and times on work reports, police incident reports, and wrongful time related court trial statements. The product also keeps an individual on task and meeting deadlines to prevent stress.

Remote Focus is an interactive remote control program for calming and engaging individuals in detainment situations or at home with individuals suffering from cognitive impairments. The program is developed for Occupational Therapists, counselors, rehabilitation specialists, recreational specialists, and psychologists. In the most volatile situations.